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Hong Kong offers study abroad students, an opportunity to experience the Asian culture and heritage. At the turn of this century, it had been handed over by Britain to China. Hong Kong, though a part of China, is still separate from the People’s Republic of China and hence it can offer a distinct opportunity for students to be a witness to history in the making through its study abroad programs. 

A big advantage for the students, who are evaluating Hong Kong as their study abroad destination, be it for high school summer study abroad, is that they need not know the Asian languages since English is the major medium of instruction. There are many universities to choose from and all of them offer different academic programs, right from the high school study abroad programs to the bachelor’s level and master’s level programs. These programs are offered in the fields of business, social sciences, environmental studies, arts etc. Some of the well-known universities in Hong Kong are Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lingnan College and University of Hong Kong. Many American universities have their own branches in Hong Kong also. 

Though ninety eight percent of Hong Kong's population consists of Chinese, mainly Cantonese from Mainland China, the diversity of people living in Hong Kong is beyond imagination. The Cantonese dialect, cuisine, and customs are more significant compared to other Chinese dialects. However, the younger generation prefers to view themselves as Hong Kong-born citizens, rather than Han Chinese. 

In Hong Kong, most study abroad international students pay subsidized tuition and service fees. It is also possible for the study abroad students to transferHong Kong Skyline. Study in Hong Kong. their credits back to their home university. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, Freeman-ASIA Program, National Security Education Program, The Blakemore Foundation, Rotary International offer study abroad scholarships to the American students. 

All study abroad students are required to apply for a visa. Though the list of documents to be submitted is given below, it is prudent to check with the local embassy to find out if there are any new requirements. 
  • An application form ID(E) 936, with relevant parts duly completed and signed
  • Photocopy of the sponsor's Hong Kong identity card
  • Photocopies of the applicant's travel document containing the personal particulars, its date of issue, date of expiry, details of any re-entry visa held. 
  • One additional identical photograph of applicant
  • A letter of acceptance from the school which the applicant wishes to enter
  • If the applicant is under the age of 18, one of the applicant's parents should authorize the sponsor or his relative/friend to be the guardian of the applicant. ( A consent letter duly signed by both the guardian and one of the applicant's parents and the guardian should be produced)
  • Evidence of the sponsor's financial standing, e.g. bank statements, saving account passbook, tax receipts and employment certificates
  • An undertaking that the sponsor is prepared to arrange accommodation for the applicant or the applicant will be staying with him; or evidence that a place has been provided in recognized boarding school
  • Evidence of the applicant's past residence in Hong Kong (if any).

It normally takes about four to six weeks to process a visa application. The visa is sent to the sponsor, who in turn is supposed to send it to the study abroad applicant. The sponsor should pay the visa issuance fee after collecting the visa.

The Hong Kong experience is hushed and peaceful with sublime shopping malls and an excellent transport system and is all about enjoying new tastes, weaving through a human traffic jam, and slurping noodles. Hong Kong in its own right is a classical case of contrasts. The Syracuse University's Handbook for study abroad students reveals an interesting statistic that Hong Kong has more cell phones per capita than any where in the world and yet 70% of Hong Kong is still rural. Hong Kong is a city of varied cultures with a vigorous and animated economy based on banking, finance, textiles, shipping, electronics and communication.

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories are the three main parts of Hong Kong. Though not a well-known fact, sporting activities are part of the attraction of Hong Kong. A study abroad student can choose his or her favorite sport, right from fencing, basketball, windsurfing, golf, snooker, to rock climbing and more. Hong Kong's varied natural environment, along with its superb recreational facilities allows visitors to take part in these activities. The city has a happening ‘night life’ also. 

Hong Kong is one of the favorite academic destinations for visiting scholars since the academic institutes and the libraries have extensive resources, including materials not found in the Chinese mainland. The city offers a unique east-west encounter and helps a student to compare cultural perspectives, an opportunity that can help a study abroad student gain insights that would help in the long run.



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